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Addis Ababa, EthiopiaThe first time I traveled to Ethiopia, was probably my most memorable trip. This journey included Ethiopia, Yemen, United Arab Emirates, Lebanon and Libya, unfortunately, like in most of my travels; I did not take a camera.

Addis Ababa Hilton GardenIt was in early December, and there was a stopover in London of about 12 hours, so the trip from Miami to Addis Ababa was quite long. My first impression when I arrived early in the morning after a night flight, was the same as my first trip to Quito, Ecuador, I was very surprised to see that it was quite cold in comparison to Miami. Addis, like Quito, are at a high altitude, and it can get very cold at night, and of course, in the morning, but the geography can be breathtaking to gaze at.Lake in Ethiopia

 In Ethiopia, try to avoid the rainy season which runs from June to October, and it can be very dreary and uncomfortable when taking the high altitude cold and dampness.


As I am preparing my gallery, it has brought one regret, and that is that not many pictures or diaries of my travels were kept.

However looking through some of the photos I have found, it has brought back some memories.

Mena House Hotel in Cairo

This is probably one of the more curious pictures that I took, since you normally do not see pictures of the Pyramids surrounded by a lush garden.

Actually I was in Cairo for 2 days because a flight was late and I missed my connection to Addis Ababa. This was on probably my second or third  trip to Ethiopia.

The picture was taken from the Mena House Hotel, a very nice hotel near the Pyramids.


Photo Gallery

There are some good thing that come with working with companies that do business throughout the world, and that is that you get to travel to many international locations.

The last time I checked it was noted that I have visited Asia more than 20 times, Latin America over 50 times, Europe over 10 times  (not counting the transit stops when traveling to  other locations), and Africa more than 10 times.

Lately I have been traveling mostly to Ghana where I currently do most of my business, and Spain, since my daughter moved to Barcelona in 2006.

In this page you will find some photos.